August 10

You can control people by language, but you cannot control the world–only how the world is perceived by people, until the world in its ineluctable reality comes visiting. To deny the visitation of reality is to suffer the fate that only Philemon and Baucis avoided by welcoming the disguised gods. Everyone else perished.

From The Guardian:

USDA staff reportedly told to avoid term ‘climate change’

Department of Agriculture staffers have been told to “avoid” using the term “climate change” in written correspondence, The Guardian reported Monday. In instructions on how to discuss climate change-related work, “climate change” is listed as a term to avoid and replace with “weather extremes.” Another blacklisted phrase is “reduce greenhouse gases.” The instructions were included in an email sent in February by Bianca Moebius-Clune, the USDA’s director of soil health. President Trump has repeatedly expressed doubts about the science of climate change, and his top pick for the USDA’s chief scientist, Sam Clovis, has called climate research “junk science.”

Watch to see what the President orders of the Congressionally mandated Climate Report by scientists at 13 agencies. The report is grim by any measure. The NYT has a draft copy so even if the President suppresses it, it will be available for all to see.