August 12


Crow waddles in, refuses the couch,
hops atop the stolid oak desk.
“A bit unusual,” I’d say.
Not at all, I’m always black.
“No wish for white then?”
None at all. Black is best you know.
“You seem ok with being a crow and being black.
What’s your problem then?”
No problem. But I’ve had what you hue mans call a dream.
“Well, then, tell me the dream.”
You mean for free?
“Well, then, what’s your fee?”
Three thousand of your US dollars per dream.
“That’s insane!”
So, as a hue man, what would you pay for a crow dream?
“The whole idea of paying for a dream is absurd!”
Hmmm. Insane. Absurd. The rule of three requires a third.
“Let me think. How about harebrained.”
You got something against hares? No feathers, I admit.
“We will have to continue this next time. Your hour is up.”
But it’s only been thirteen minutes.
“Economics. We’re on the thirteen-minute hour now.”
Insane! Absurd! Harebrained!