November 18

The ZYZggMLY Council

You’ve not heard of the ZYZggMLY Council.
Nor had I until last night’s dream. It won’t
make the headlines, but consider it news.
Don’t bother to Googleit, you won’t find it.
Here’s what I’ve learned so far, just today.
The Council has little use for humans
but on occasion the Council votes to probe
to see if anything has changed among humans.
I was told to focus on the little g’s until
my brain begins to flicker, and, yes, they
quoted this description of contact as AE
had described it. So, they know stuff. As
I focused and my brain flickered, I began
to see it and it was an opening, a space
in the fog of my flickering brain. I was told
it was the portal to the Library of the Not Yet.
I could see volumes that one might call books
but these were as if composed of dancing light.
And there was a complexity of sound one might
call music and yet it was so much more.
“Enough for now,” a whisper informed.
Tomorrow, I will focus again on the little g’s.