February 7

These encounters with “street people” continue to be so enriching.

Such a contrast with the spectacle dynamics of our current atmosphere.

More on “spectacle” and what it points to, soon.

The Cane
Sunday, February 5, 2017
11:43 AM

His cane was not a proper cane
just a stick—well a branch to be
exact, should exactness be
required in such matters.

I learned his name was “Z”
because he was always last
to be chosen or to hear the news.
Last and lost, he repeated, smiling.

What are those notches?
Days when something good happens.
And the bad days?
Man, nothing big enough for that.

Could I try out your memory cane?
No one ever interested before
Feels good, nice heft
I think I’ll make me one.

Now that’s a good thing
Worth two notches I’d say
Good luck in finding yours
Mr. Z, you are first in my book!