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Dear Trader,

Many thanks for your inquiry concerning HINTS & HELPS FOR DAYTRADERS, a manual I am preparing for active traders seeking a coherent system of trading, discipline and understanding of the financial markets.

From the beginning, I have envisioned the “manual” as an educational project that would develop into a complete “training” system for effective, profitable and pleasurable trading. I have thought of this manual as being an ongoing project, not something finalized in a book that goes on a shelf, but available in a form that is “alive” in the sense that it would always be developing, always growing. I conceive of it being responsive to the deepest needs of traders: to learn about themselves in relation to trading as well as learning effective trading methods and techniques. Most traders fail because they do not educate themselves sufficiently. It is this need I am responding to.

Many of you have asked: “When will the manual be finished?” In the sense described above, I do not see it being finished. I intend to devote more and more time to developing its full potential in providing the active trader with a truly beneficial and profitable education. Many of you have become aware of the methods and other teachings I provide and report on at Undergroundtrader.com. What I have been making available there is only a small part of what eventually will be available in the manual. I am continually developing techniques and methods that will extend and deepen the methods you have come to know so far. So the manual will become a repository of heretofore unavailable developments relating to methods such as the Japanese candle patterns, my “animal” patterns, the three-price break, price projection targets, time estimation methods and the more advanced techniques relating to price/time phenomena I am working on.

The “logistics” of this suggest, of course, not so much a physical book, but a hypertext environment in which both depth and extent can be developed without the constraints of the usual physical book. In such an environment, concepts in the manual would be linked with real-time examples. To learn certain methods would be facilitated by the capability of linking multiple examples under changing conditions. There would be the possibility of responding interactively to “what-if” questions. On-gong lessons to sharpen one's understanding and ability to apply the methods would be possible. Interactive application of methods adapting to real time trading situations would be desirable. And so on. All this and much more suggests a web-based “manual” is the way to achieve these ideal conditions.

I believe this is the way to provide the trader with the greatest value. Quite obviously, much of this development lies in the future.

So, the relevant question is, when is it meaningful to provide access to the manual while it still is in its early form, when all that is or will become possible has not yet been realized?

I find that most traders want the “nuts and bolts” of techniques and methods right away. The trader wants to “do it” first and understand it later. This is understandable and not entirely without merit. I have decided to provide access to an early version of the manual that would satisfy the needs of the trader sufficiently to learn the methods and techniques in their basic form and to make use of them effectively in trading on a day trading and/or position trading basis.

The manual project itself is envisioned to be in four parts. The first part, Practical Methods for the Day Trader, will be the place to describe and illustrate all the methods and techniques.

The emphasis here will be on practical methods and techniques you as a trader can start using right away. The second part, Theories of Price Potential Targets and Time Expectation Points, as the name suggests, will be a detailed analysis of the "reasons" the methods outlined in part one work. Part three, Psychological Dynamics of Markets and Traders, will be an in-depth consideration of all the psychological factors involved in trading. Particular emphasis will be focused on how to identify personal problems that interfere with successful trading and what to do about them. Part four, Esoterics of Number and Time, will present for the first time a depth psychological ("Jungian") approach to the archetypal nature of number and time and how this is reflected in human behavior and most particularly in the financial markets.

What is available now is the initial version of part one. This is available in a file format that you will access and download and which you may print out. I want to emphasize that this initial version of the manual is not complete and is not intended to be. It will contain all that is necessary for learning to use of the methods in their basic form. This is necessary in any event before more advanced use of the methods and techniques will be meaningful or possible. I will be updating this version of the manual regularly.

It is my strong feeling that anyone willing to support this project in its early and incompletely realized form, deserves special consideration. Before making this project available more widely, I will limit its availability. In effect, you would be “subscribing” to Part I of the manual and receiving periodic additions to it as they are completed.

If this is of interest to you, I invite you to subscribe at this early time at a cost of $225.00. Subscribers will receive the following benefits: (1) all updates to Part I of the manual free of charge; (2) free email support for questions concerning the methods and their application in trading; (3) a 50% discount on Parts II-IV of the manual and access to these parts of the manual in "early" forms before they are generally available; (4) a 50% discount on the subscription fee to the hypertext version of the manual when launched; and (5) either free or reduced-fee access to other items of interest being developed and services I provide (details on request), e.g., Ralomatic@Three-pricebreak software.

This investment in your education as a professional trader represents an opportunity that will easily repay itself many times over. There is nothing else available that will match what I envision for this manual as I continue to develop it.

I want to make my work available to others in a readily available form at a reasonable cost. I will be devoting more time to this project and progress will proceed apace. I am looking forward to it. I hope you will too!

As always, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Best wishes and good trading!

Russ Lockhart (ral) 







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A personal note...

My first career was as a university research professor in which much of my research was focused on the psychophysiology of time and cognitive processes. My second career was as a Jungian-trained psychoanalyst. My books and other writings have been focused primarily on dreams, language and the imagination. Now, my third career--announced many years ago in a dream in which a three-headed snake appeared, telling me it was a picture of my “three” careers--appears to be combining all these interests with a focus on the world of money and markets and, most particularly, trying to discover the psychological underpinnings of human behavior relating to this most intriguing form of human expression.