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ral's manual, HINTS AND HELPS FOR THE ACTIVE TRADER, is being prepared for the active trader seeking a coherent system of trading, discipline and understanding of the financial markets.
It has four parts:
  1. Practical Methods for the Active Trader 
  2.  Theories of Price Potential and Time Expectation 
  3.  Psychological Dynamics of Markets and Traders 
  4.  Esoterics of Number and Time

Part 1 is available for subscription as part of:
The Manual Project 
which includes The Owl Newsletter, The Trader's Tool Box, Special Alerts when warranted, and other developments in progress. The Manual Project contains the nuts and bolts of the trading methods, strategies and techniques ral reports on and teaches at  The Underground Trading Pit. Parts 2, 3 and 4 are not yet available.  

Information on becoming a subscribing member is available at  The Manual Project
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Russell Arthur Lockhart, Ph.D. 

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